Why Your Vote Matters

Why does your vote for judge matter?

Because our communities are at risk and Judge Hoover is our protector.

Judge Kim Hoover

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Protecting our community is serious work.

Look closely at the candidates for Judge.

Tania Nemer

Judge Kim Hoover

Judicial Experience

Tania Nemer

No trial experience.
Political appointment as part-time judges’ aide for the past seven months.

Judge Kim Hoover
Elected Judge four times.
24 years of service.
Presided over hundreds of trials.


Tania Nemer

Small claims and evictions.
Not assigned criminal cases.

Judge Kim Hoover
Presiding and Administrative Judge handling violent and serious crimes. Teacher of rehabilitation classes for violence, theft, and substance abuse.


Tania Nemer

Owes job and campaign to party bosses.

Judge Kim Hoover
Does not allow partisan politics in the justice system.


Tania Nemer

Three partisan mayors.

Judge Kim Hoover
Over 150 mayors, trustees, police, and attorneys of all parties.

The choice is clear:

Re-Elect Judge Hoover Logo

Fact: Our communities face a drug problem.

Solution: Judge Hoover is the protector of both victims and offenders alike.

Judge Hoover has consistently been on the cutting edge of rehabilitation programs. Judge Hoover has developed particular innovative programs to educate and reform those convicted of offenses such as drug and alcohol violations, violence and theft by showing them the impact their offense has on the victims of their crime. Our communities are safer with Judge Hoover.

Fact: Judges are ethically bound to keep partisan politics out of the judiciary.

Solution: Keep Judge Hoover, who is the only judge in Summit County to run for office free from both partisan influence and partisan money.

Beholden to no party bosses, Judge Hoover has the endorsement of over 150 lawyers, mayors, trustees and community leaders from both parties. Judge Hoover protects the independence of the judiciary.

Fact: The Akron Bar Association’s Commission on Judicial Candidates has independently evaluated the candidates for judge so you don’t have to go it alone.

Solution: Only Judge Hoover has been given the highest rating of “Excellent” by a peer group of distinguished lawyers and jurists.

Judge Hoover protects the honor of the legal system.

So, why does your vote for judge matter?

Our communities are at risk. If you needed surgery would you want a surgeon with the fulltime experience of 24 years or part-time experience of 7 months? You can continue to partner with Judge Hoover in keeping our communities safe by voting for experience, integrity and innovation. With Judge Hoover we don’t have to worry about partisan influence infiltrating the courthouse. With Judge Hoover we are all protected.